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Jeffrey J. Antonucci is available for speaking engagements, book talks, and signings. He is an experienced public speaker and can customize his presentation to your audience.

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What People Are Saying

Jeffrey’s discussion of how he conceived of and wrote “Deep Within a Blueberry Sky” served as inspiration for our writers’ group. The premise of the book, kindness matters, is one we can all appreciate.

--Susan M. Frisbee, Director, Cannon Free Library

“I could listen to this man all day long. He enthusiastically walked us through the process of how he put his book together. Not only was he engaging, funny, and genuine, he was also generous to our library with regard to the proceeds of his book sold the evening of his book signing. My library loves Jeff.”

--Doreen Shoba, Library Director, Wayne Public Library

“I recently attended a most enjoyable book talk by Jeff Antonucci on his novel “Deep within a Blueberry Sky”.  It relates the story of a young girl, Sarah, from childhood all the way through adulthood.  Her loving and unique relationship with her grandparents makes me yearn for my own grands whom I never knew.  Thus some of us may enjoy ‘living through’ Sarah’s eyes, even if just for a little while.  At times of stress Sarah escapes into her own “Oz” like parallel universe.  Hopefully like ‘Dorothy’ she ultimately learns that this world, the world we DO have, must be lovingly improved to closer meet our expectations.  “There’s no place like home”.  I am eager to read Jeff’s book to learn first hand what everyone is raving about!”        

-- Hunter J. Jones, Belleville Reference, Belleville Public Library and Information Center

“Jeff’s book talk and signing at our library was great. He donated a portion of book sales to our library. It was very inspirational to spread peace around the world!”                                                                

--Doreen Makoujy, Totowa Public Library

“Jeffrey’s message is incredibly heartwarming. In a day and age where shock and drama seem to trump all, it’s refreshing to see someone who believes in the power of love and peace.” 

--Jess M.

“Hearing Jeff speak is like a sermon, a message of hope, and a reminder of our shared humanity. As an aspiring writer, Jeff’s words are particularly motivating and inspiring. All people would benefit from Jeff’s warm reminder of peace, love, and the power of listening to signs.”

--Mary Kate S.


Jeffrey J. Antonucci is available for all media requests including TV, print, radio, and online. He is available for interviews and to speak about his book, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky, as well as about the subject of Love and Peace.

Watch and listen to his recent appearances here:

WAYNE, NJ – Longtime Wayne resident and author, Jeffrey J. Antonucci, will be having a book discussion and signing at the Wayne Public Library on Sunday, February 9, 2020 as he continues to promote his acclaimed novel Deep Within A Blueberry Sky. The event goes from 1:30pm – 4:30pm

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Guest Article by Jeffrey J. Antonucci Originally Published by Homeland Magazine

As children, my brother Ronald and I spent hours playing with those green, plastic “Army Men.” The “bad guys” were either tan or blueish gray. Whichever color, we always made sure the green guys won the battles played out on the carpet of our den floor because they were the “good guys,” the American troops! Another great pastime for my “brother-in-arms” and I was playing “Army” on the empty lot up the street with the kids in the neighborhood. We’d simulate the action scenes from TV show “Combat” or the movies, “Sands of Iwo Jima” starring John Wayne and “Bataan” starring Robert Taylor…

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