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One of the things my novel, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky, highlights is the power of love and all the good that comes from love. One day while working on the manuscript back in 2016 – 2017, I pushed myself back from my desk, turned in my chair, and started to move my fingers around flashing different hand signs. I then came up with the hand sign you see below, which I now refer to as, “Love and Peace, a SIGN for our times.”

Being totally involved in writing the story and all the tasks necessary to get the book published caused me to shelve the idea for a time. My view is that 50 years of using the peace sign didn’t get us where we need to be. Love is the missing ingredient. Love is the answer.



To advocate for and create love based, peaceful platforms from which we defuse confrontations, settle our differences, restore our environment, and ultimately remove turmoil and strife from our lives and our world.


Conceptualize a “2020 and Beyond, Perfect Vision” of a Love and Peace filled world for all people and all things. This concept is symbolized by an unpretentious, nonthreatening three-finger hand sign that becomes known and used universally spreading this “Perfect Vision” concept to an imperfect world.


Engage the “Five Loves!” to willingly, kindly, and gently impart Love, Peace, Honor, and Respect to all Humanity and all Creation.

  • Love…honor and respect yourself.
  • Love…honor and respect what you do and the love you bestow.
  • Love…your time at rest absorbing and embracing the loving world around you.
  • Love…honor, respect, and heal Mother Earth.
  • Love…honor and respect each other and celebrate our similarities and differences.

Video Message from Jeffrey J. Antonucci

Love and Peace. A Sign for Our Times.

A three finger hand sign symbolizing the spreading of love and peace to all people and all things. #LoveAndPeaceSign #ASignForOurTimes

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Love and Peace. Pass it On.

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