In Honor of our Veterans

I wonder, did it feel more frigid for our boys in blue,
Holding the line at Valley Forge during the winter of ’77?
(Pennsylvania, Dec., 1777)

Than it did for our gallant Marines at the “Frozen Chosin” reservoir,
A million miles from Heaven?
(Korea, Nov., 1950)

Were the bombs bursting in air more brutalizing to our troops Hunkered under the tattered but defiantly waving shroud of “Old Glory” in the smoking rubble of a resolute Ft. McHenry?
(Baltimore Harbor, Maryland, Sept., 1814)

Or to our “Doughboys” huddled in their muddied, rat infested Trenches, under incessant barrage from their enemy’s, fire-breathing, Incendiary?
(Meuse-Argonne Offensive, France, Sept., – Nov., 1918)

Was the round from an AK-47 more devastating to the new kid from Hartford, Connecticut hit in his chest while crossing a dyke in the slick, Stinking rice paddies of Vietnam?
(Battle of Bong Son, South Vietnam, Jan., 1966)

Then a musket ball was to the new kid from Hartford, Connecticut hit In his chest while crossing “Burnside’s Bridge?” I can surmise, equally As piercing were their cries for their moms.
(Battle of Antietam, Antietam Creek, Sharpsburg, Maryland, Sept., 1862)

Did the medics or corpsmen or nurses see the blood on the bandages Of our wounded and dying, including their own, vary in color or shed With less or more urgency,

During the battles of Fallujah, Midway, and the Bulge, or Tarawa, Kamdesh and other myriad militant insurgency?
(Fallujah, Iraq, Nov., – Dec., 2004, Midway Atoll, June, 1942, The Ardennes Forest, Belgium, Dec., – Jan., 1944, Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, Nov., 1943, Kamdesh, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan, Oct., 2009 and beyond)

I know they did not.
And neither did we.

For our brave and beloved military veterans answer the call,
To keep us all free.

God Bless our Veterans, today and every day!

Love and Peace, who prays for that more than a Veteran?

© 2019 Jeffrey J. Antonucci. All rights reserved.

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