International Day of Peace.

I recognized this day (Saturday, September 21, 2019) , and the benevolent messages this day represents as a platform for spreading love and peace to all people and all things throughout our world by the use of my recently established three finger hand sign, titled, Love and Peace, a Sign for our Times.

The idea for this hand sign came to me as I was writing the manuscript for my newly published novel, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky, back in 2016–2017.

The tumultuous state of our world and our human condition prompted me, back in February to post a blog describing the meaning behind this hand sign and my reasons for creating it.

I have since published additional blog posts, YouTube videos and even created a logo along with establishing the Mission, Vision and Values for this initiative. See below.  


To advocate for and create love based, peaceful platforms from which we defuse confrontations, settle our differences, restore our environment, and ultimately remove turmoil and strife from our lives and our world.


Conceptualize a “2020 and Beyond, Perfect Vision” of a Love and Peace filled world for all people and all things. This concept is symbolized by an unpretentious, nonthreatening three-finger hand sign that becomes known and used universally spreading this “Perfect Vision” concept to an imperfect world.


Engage the “Five Loves!” to willingly, kindly, and gently impart Love, Peace, Honor, and Respect to all Humanity and all Creation.

  • Love…honor and respect yourself.
  • Love…honor and respect what you do and the love you bestow.
  • Love…your time at rest absorbing and embracing the loving world around you.
  • Love…honor, respect, and heal Mother Earth.
  • Love…honor and respect each other and celebrate our similarities and differences.

Love and Peace Video

In honor of the International Day of Peace, I asked that you help me with my initiative by starting to use this three finger hand sign to spread love and peace to all people and all things. My wish is that you used it on the International Day of Peace and will use it everyday going forward. It’s what our world needs now!

Also, I please ask that you take pictures and videos of you using the hand sign and post those images on your social media sites using the hashtags #loveandpeacesign and #asignforourtimes. The videos can include audio of you saying, “love and peace, pass it on!” An example of an image and video can be viewed below.

For further updates and to gain additional insights about my initiative, Love and Peace, a Sign for our Times, you can go to and

I extend to you my Love and Peace,

Jeffrey J. Antonucci
Author, and Advocate for Love and Peace
Founder, Inspired Works, LLC

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