Deep Within A Blueberry Sky

By Jeffrey J. Antonucci
A Magical Realism Novel

Exemplifies the quintessential elements of what the selfless acts of giving and teaching, both profound offerings of love really signify and the tremendous good that comes as a result. world says they have.


 One day while working on the manuscript for Deep Within a Blueberry Sky, I pushed myself back from my desk, turned in my chair, and started to move my fingers around flashing different hand signs. I then came up with the hand sign you see below, which I now refer to as, “Love and Peace, a SIGN for our times.”



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Jeffrey J. Antonucci

Jeffrey J. Antonucci followed in the footsteps of his father, uncle, and grandfather, all master tradesmen, by working in construction as a bricklayer. It wasn’t until the idea for this story came to Jeff, as he tells it, like a slideshow before his eyes, that he ever even thought of writing, what would become, this novel.

Up until that point, Jeff’s writings consisted of small personal pieces and poems for family members and friends. In addition, for the time he was employed as a senior facilities manager for a European corporation, Jeff composed email communications that were creative and fun to read, yet conveyed information that was pertinent to the safety and well-being of the four-hundred plus people that worked at that facility.

jeff antonucci authorINSPIRED SPOTLIGHT

International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace. I recognized this day (Saturday, September 21, 2019) , and the benevolent messages this day represents as a platform for spreading love and peace to all people and all things throughout our world by the use of my recently established three...

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It made me laugh, cry and made my heart sing.

– PDL of Lincoln Park, NJ


Deep Within A Blueberry Sky is a journey to the heart…a story of love, living and never giving up!

– NT of Olympia Washington

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