Deep Within a Blueberry Sky

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“Deep Within a Blueberry Sky.”  A novel.



“Deep Within a Blueberry Sky” exemplifies the quintessential elements of what the selfless acts of giving and teaching, both profound offerings of love, really signify, and the tremendous good that comes, as a result.

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30 reviews for Deep Within a Blueberry Sky

  1. blueberrysky

    “Masterpiece!” Valerie B. of Cedar Grove, NJ

  2. blueberrysky

    “Beautiful and engaging!” Pat Kruger of Hoboken, NJ

  3. blueberrysky

    “Tour de force!” Nick Molinari of Brick, NJ

  4. blueberrysky

    “It made me laugh, cry and made my heart sing.” PDL of Lincoln Park, NJ

  5. blueberrysky

    “Deep Within A Blueberry Sky is a journey to the heart…a story of love, living and never giving up!” NT of Olympia, WA

  6. blueberrysky

    “My thanks to you for creating a story that was truly a pleasure to read.” TK of Clifton, NJ

  7. Cheryl from Rockaway

    A warm place to go after a long day…it celebrates all that’s good in us as human beings… one of a kind experience.

  8. Ron of Hampstead NC

    Truly inspirational and heartwarming!!!

  9. John A of Tucson Az

    Enjoyed “ Deep within a blueberry sky “ Could not wait to read the next chapter.

  10. Matt

    Very nice heartwarming story written by a very nice guy. Hopefully Jeff will write more great books like this in the future!

  11. Joe B.

    Truly great, to me it had many elements, warm hearted, family, humor, & spiritual. Reading it was a great escape from the crazy world we live in. Five Stars.

  12. Jim G.

    This loving story presents traditional family values. I believe it should be read by every politician as it clearly illustrates the value of support for those with limited abilities,as well as showing a deep respect for those who have served our country.

  13. NJG

    The importance of family love in shaping the future of children rings clear and true in this gentle story.

  14. Beth- Wilmington, NC

    This is a beautiful story of love and family traditions and lessons. Wonderful!

  15. Mitchell Cohen, Buenos Aires

    A well written and beautiful story that I enjoyed reading immensely. As the first time father of an 11 month old, I look forward to the near future when I can read this book aloud to my son and pass on the inspirational lessons in life within. Thank you for all the effort you put into this book, it will be put to good use.

  16. Blase B

    The book brings you to a special place in your heart. You can almost breath the fresh air from the words.

  17. Blase B

    You can breath the fresh air from the words of this book ,it is truly inspiring!

  18. Dr Dan Safarpour

    this book touched my heart, at points gave me goose bumps got me emotional and teary-eyed. A definite heirloom book. A classic book in a sense that would be read for generations; after all love and power of love and the good deeds what makes us human and will always be in style. Highly recommend it for young and older parents and grand parents.

  19. Shawn

    What an inspiring story especially in these times with all the things young children are exposed to. This book can give the strength and confidence to any child who may doubt their own situations in life. Awesome

  20. Elizabeth A Bononno

    This is an inspiring story about the positive impact loving words, deeds and actions can have on people, nature and their community. It reminds the reader that physical and emotional challenges do not limit ones ability to shine brightly. I can’t wait to read Jeff’s next book!

  21. Barbara Speziale

    This book is not only inspirational, but it captures your emotions by showing what it is like for a family that has to endure the suffering of having a handicapped child. how they instill in her the strength and courage that she will use throughout her whole life, and how she shares her feelings with others, who are going through similar problems. It is amazing how nature helps her, and the closeness that she feels for her grandparents, even after they are gone, through their spirits. Jeffrey has a knack for bringing out the power of love and devotion that the characters all exhibit. It is a wonderful, compelling story. I love it.

  22. Candace (verified owner)

    My heart is full after reading this endearing book. The author has done a magnificent job of showing the words, “heartfelt love”, and what it truly means. It will touch your heart!

  23. Ed Quigley

    Deep within A Blueberry Sky is the story of how a grandfather helps his granddaughter, Sarah , deal with a physical disability on her journey from child to adult. No, it doesn’t take a village; it takes family, faith and love. In the conversations between Sarah and her grandfather, the reader gains deep insights into the warmth and power of familial love. The illustrations are superb; the descriptions of family life – beside streams, on picnics, in the kitchen – are vivid if not magical.

  24. Michael Calderone

    I just finished reading this book and it could not have been more appropriate to finish at a time with the start of spring and the celebration of the Easter season . Mother Nature releasing her Magic of color in the trees and the family traditions of my grandmother baking all those Italian treats. “Deep Within a Blueberry Sky “ brought all those things to life as well. A story of love and family and the blessings of Mother Nature! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this wonderful story ! My applause to Jeff Antonucci!

  25. Marie Molinari

    Anyone privileged enough to know the author of Deep Within a Blueberry Sky personally, while reading this tender story, will be nodding his/her head countless times. Yes, every segment of this intergenerational family love-story, with fullness of hearts and genuine mutual kindnesses -offered to and received by one another according to need and without expectation of reward- reveals hints of the author’s own personality and clues about his character. We may think we are merely following the comings and goings of “Sarah,” “Poppy Tom,” family members and friends through the years that transpire during the story. But author Jeffrey Antonucci himself is also very present…unseen perhaps except in the beauty of scenes he paints and events his words describe…unheard perhaps except in those thrilling sounds of nature so exquisitely resonating in every chapter…and his actual presence is deeply felt. The reader comes to “feel” him within the abundant displays of love, affection and thankfulness, and also in the movements of empathy, kindness and compassion that permeate the story. No doubt, Jeffrey has drawn upon actual family history. He honors those he loves and has loved by giving his only half-imaginary characters the actual names of those so loved and remembered. He thereby infuses them with a bit of immortality, while displaying his own fond gratitude for having known and loved them, and for being loved by them.
    There is so much more to be said about this wonderful book. Innocence of soul banishes all potential guile from the story. Generosity of spirit expels any incipient selfishness. Overflowing heart-love squeezes out any hint of malice. These qualities, in my view, describe both the book and its author.
    I love both.

  26. William Stroud

    This book was a perfect gift to snuggle up with.Seize the moment and take a ride back in time when life was simple, and greatly appreciated. Feel it for the first time,feel it again. It really felt great!
    Bill S
    Captains Ridge
    Anguilla British West Indies

  27. Karen Y.

    This is a heartwarming story about a family using the power of love to overcome life’s challenges. It touches the lives of young and old alike and teaches valuable life lessons to all.

  28. HM Massachusetts

    Great read. Truly an inspiration to anyone who says I can’t.

  29. N. Banks (verified owner)

    This was such a beautiful story! I was in awe. The characters were so alive and vibrant. I also loved the formatting of the story. It unfolded seamlessly and I was actually sad when the story ended. An extremely well written, powerful, emotional, and gripping story. I highly recommend this book.

  30. Verla

    Deep within A Blueberry Sky , is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed , I will read it over again it was that good . It’s such a relaxing read , the words are gentle and every scene I could visualize. Love is the key ingredient throughout the book and it’s displayed in and through each character. Love and peace To all ! ❤️

    Verla simms
    Newfoundland Canada 🇨🇦

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