A castle’s built of sculptured stone
Atop the craggy heights
To keep the King on his haughty throne
Away from his gofer’s sights.

The air he breathes is old and dank
And reeks of jealous rage.

Jesters spew their putrid pranks
Upon their rotted stage.

So what of wealth and treasures won
And dominion over knaves
If one never gets to see the sun
Or marvel at crashing waves?

But out beyond these shackling walls
And moats of sickly stew
There lolls a land where nature sprawls
Innocent, outstretched and new.

The air is fresh and sings to all
A harmonious melody
That opens our souls to its wondrous call
For all of eternity.

In Nature there is life and love. Let us respect, protect, and preserve her.

In so doing, we respect, protect, and preserve ourselves.


© 2019 Jeffrey J. Antonucci. All rights reserved.

Photo © 2019 Jeffrey Antonucci, Jr.

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