So here it is everybody. I feel I have a brand new hand sign for our times that I’d like to make known and implement.

My idea takes the hand sign using the index finger and thumb, which stood for the condescending sign of “L for Loser” and completely changes its meaning to stand for “L for Love.” (See below.)

Then my idea takes the hand sign using the pointer finger and middle finger, signifying, has it has for many years, “Peace.” (See below.)

Using the right hand, I combine these two hand signs, as pictured below, to stand for “Love and Peace” for all people and all things. (See below.)

My feeling is, and I think you’ll agree, we’re living in a very turbulent time.

My concern is I’m not seeing anything taking place that’s even coming close to beginning to right this ship, let alone actually righting it.

I recently published a novel titled “Deep Within a Blueberry Sky.” “Deep Within a Blueberry Sky” is a story about pleasant experiences and positive messages, but mainly it’s a story about Love and all the good that comes from Love.

The idea for this hand sign actually came to me while I was writing the manuscript for “Deep Within a Blueberry Sky” back in 2016/2017.

The sad state of our world and our human condition today has prompted me to put this idea out there now.

I believe only good can come from Love and Peace.

It may be far-fetched to think something as simple as an idea for a hand sign coming from me, a former bricklayer turned newly published author from New Jersey can turn things around and make our world a better place on all levels. But just maybe it could act as a starting point. Just maybe this hand sign can act as a means to the beginnings of applying the brakes to the reckless course we’re sailing on so we can begin to change our course and head in a much better direction, a direction that ultimately leads to “Love and Peace” for all people and all things. Yes, this is as grass-roots as you’re ever going to get.

I feel we should give it a try.

I have a sense if asked, people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Rosa Parks, the person that stood in front of that tank in Tiananmen Square and John Lennon would agree. John Lennon would say… “Imagine.”

Well, I don’t know if there’s some official process for getting something like this implemented. I doubt there is.

I have to admit that I’m new to social media but I do realize its power.

Is it merely a matter of using the power of social media to put this out there and allow people to determine for themselves if this sign could be used for good and help spread Love and Peace?

I’m thinking so. What do you think?

If you’re on-board with the “Love and Peace for all people and all things” message behind this hand sign, then hey, go ahead and use it and then share it with your friends. Wouldn’t it be nice if this sign of Love and Peace could spread even half as fast as non-Love and non-Peace messages can spread?

“Imagine” how wonderful it would be if by holding up this unpretentious, non-threatening three finger hand sign we could create a loving, peaceful platform from which we defuse confrontations, settle our differences, heal our environment and remove the turmoil and strife from our lives and our world.

Love and Peace for all people and all things. Imagine that, then let’s make what we just imagined a reality by using this hand sign!

As you see, I’m structuring this by putting Love first followed by Peace. With Love leading the way, Peace and all good, wonderful and amazing things are guaranteed to follow.

I understand that different hand signs have different meanings in different countries and cultures. Please know that my sentiments here are sincere and this three finger hand sign represents Love and Peace for all people and all things as I’ve been saying. It is not meant to be offensive or insulting in any way to any ethnicity, religion, cultural beliefs or traditions, etc.

Thank you all for your kind consideration of my idea.

Sign and Shine!

Jeffrey J. Antonucci


© 2019 Jeffrey J. Antonucci

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