A poem honoring autumn and the perpetual power of love.

My Colors Are Tried and True

I see a glorious Sugar Maple
Prospering upon a hill.

Her sequined leaves glitter and sway
Saluting Nature’s perpetually marching mill.

An intensely deep, Blueberry Sky
And the Sun shining from above,
Superimpose their derring-do
On this masterpiece of creation, genius and love.

But soon these bejeweled leaves
Will tarnish, wither and fall.

Yielding to yet another
Shadowy Winter’s harsh and hollow call.

I ask her, why all this effort,
Why do you put on such a show,
Knowing your final bows will be taken
Under a blanket of hardened, crystallized snow?

Because my friend, I’m displaying to the world
All the best that I can be,
During times of Blueberry Skies
Or at the height of adversity.

I’m declaring with a resounding voice
That my colors are tried and true,
Rooted by the power of love and peace flowing eternally
Between me and the love I have for you.

© 2019 Jeffrey J. Antonucci. All rights reserved.

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