Leading to a gradient of marauding, twisted trees,
A forlorn set of decrepit steps vows “never will we leave.”

For decades now, I’ve passed this place and observed their perilous stand.
A single act of defiance against an enemy’s groping and treacherous hand.

I marveled too at such a mighty will in the face of obscurity.
Like a sentinel’s unwavering cadence guarding his reverent custody.

The steps made me question what does it take to persist in such a way?
When it’s obvious that everything they’ve known has left and gone away.

My heart felt sullen and saddened for what they must endure,
Destined to go on wishing for a return to the days they knew before.

But then I heard a quiet laugh, an almost breathy resonance.
Emanating from deep within those treads that held such prominence.

I realized it was a celebration of faith to a cause that’s noble and true,
For on that mound there stands profound a mansion, grandiose, shiny and new.

So now I see with wiser eyes what these steps saw all along,
All I have to do is make that climb to hear Heaven’s glorious song.

© 2019 Jeffrey J. Antonucci. All rights reserved.

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