Jeffrey J. Antonucci, a longtime resident of Wayne, was interviewed about his newly published book, Deep Within a Blueberry Sky in a segment of the “Conversations with Joan” radio show which aired on AM970 The Answer on December 30.

Listen to the Full Interview Below

Jeff’s segment begins about halfway through the show.

Antonucci noted:

For me as a first-time author, this story truly told itself. I was merely its scribe, being made privy to the story’s plot and narrative by way of soft, eloquent whispers. I’m sure this sounds a bit unusual, but it’s true, and I am eternally grateful for those whisperings. It was a pleasure to share my thoughts with Joan Herrmann and her radio audience, and I thank her for the opportunity.

Joan Herrmann is the founder of the Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life brand and created, hosts, and produces Conversations with Joan, which focuses on important topics that impact our lives. Herrmann is based in Woodland Park, New Jersey. From health and wellness to professional development to personal well-being, thought leaders and experts join Joan to share their insight, tips, and strategies.

Antonucci’s beautifully illustrated hard-cover novel tells the story of a young girl who spends part of each summer in the country with her grandfather enjoying life in the great outdoors and overcoming challenges along the way that shape her life forever. Deep Within a Blueberry Sky exemplifies the quintessential elements of what the selfless acts of giving and teaching, both profound offerings of love, really signify, and the tremendous good that comes, as a result.

First-time author, Jeffrey J. Antonucci, followed in the footsteps of his father, uncle, and grandfather, all master tradesmen, by working in construction as a bricklayer. It wasn’t until the idea for this story came to Jeff, as he tells it, like a slideshow before his eyes, that he ever even thought of writing, what would become, this novel. Up until that point, Jeff’s writings consisted of small personal pieces and poems for family members and friends.

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